The Ku Klux Klan

 Causes & Effects

    The KKK was started because 6 confederate soldiers and a General were unhappy that the south lost the Civil war. They created a social club that later became the Ku Klux Klan. The effects of the KKK included many deaths of colored people including some white Republican leaders. The Second KKK was created when Nathan Bedford Forrest thought the first KKK was losing it's main purpose and destroyed it. In 1915, William Simmons founded the twentieth-century version of the KKK after viewing the film, Birth of a Nation, which glorified the history of the Klan. The new Klan was not only anti black, but anti Jewish, anti foreign, and anti-Catholic. The first klan also lost it's power when Congress passed a law called the Force bill, which allowed the military to attack the Ku Klux Klan. The military was a major cause of why the klan ended. The second klan allowed women to join when The U.S. government gave women rights. The klan ended a few years later.
    The second KKK was actually a respected part of the democratic party and that caused the KKK to peak it's political power in the 1920's. The amount of members may have reached a staggering amount of 4.5 million members.  The Klan declined in power when the Grand dragon was found guilty for second degree murder charges against a young women whom he had taken to Chicago with him. The effect to Klan after this event was very serious. Then after many burning and killings of colored and white republican leaders, this caused the Klan to finally fall apart.